Growing tired of re-creating the tedious CRUD and results to object mapping logic for each database entity? Does your modern application require integration with an existing robust databases? Do you work with a DBA team that mandates use of stored procedures for abstraction & performance tuning? Need to write a utility or service to process large amounts of records as quickly as possible? Then the leading micro-ORM, Dapper, might be the data access & object-mapping solution for you.

This talk covers building a simple toy implant in Rust. The goal of this implant is to allow an attacker to persist on a system post-exploitation and give them access needed to move laterally.

Over time, software rots. If we’re not diligent, our beautiful code can degrade into a worthless mess. Keeping our code in working condition is no different than changing the oil in our car – it’s preventive maintenance.

AWS has been building out a large suite of libraries and tools to help .NET developers build and deploy .NET applications on AWS. This includes adding AWS services like Amazon S3 and Amazon DynamoDB to your applications as well as building modern serverless .

Blake will discuss his experiences building and maintaining a smart home. Starting from nothing to having a fully automated house can be overwhelming. We’ll cover many topics like choosing future proof products (usability, security, etc..), dealing with contractors, keeping a happy spouse with ever changing automations and much more.

Want to get started with React and Typescript? In this session I'll walk you through building a little app. What will you get out of it?

NOTE: This talk references current relevant social issues we can face in our daily lives in Technology roles.

DevOps, .NET, Azure and all of the automation involved for a complete DevOps environment can be daunting. In this talk, Jeffrey Palermo provides prescriptive guidance for developers to fall into the "pit of success" when creating automated DevOps pipelines for complex .NET apps targeting Azure.

As you know, lots of companies and developers use AWS to build their stuff. This means experience in using AWS can really be beneficial. But it sure is hard to get started alone...

Ever wanted to write mobile apps for iPhones and Android? Maybe you found Objective-C/Swift or Java/Kotlin intimidating? Or maybe you tried it with Xamarin but just thought it kind of meh? I feel you! It’s hard to get started. It’s confusing.

Helping people learn is fun for us and useful for them. It's also a very effective way to advance your career. Many higher-level development leadership roles expect you to be able to help other developers improve. You can mentor in several ways (e.g.

ASP.NET Core 3.0 contains new features for building modern web applications and services. In this session, we'll show you how to use ASP.NET Core 3.0 to build full-stack solutions using the latest versions of C# and the .net Core 3.0 Framework.

In this meeting, David L. Penton will discuss creating and running .NET Core apps that compile and run on both Mac and Windows, some basics of .NET Core, the .NET Core CLI, and different deployment models (framework dependent vs. self-contained deployments).

It is summer time and so it's the time for fun! We're going to keep the game dev fun going for another month. Join us if you can.

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