There are useful shortcuts using Windows Key, knowing them is a start. As a developer, there are benefits of integrating Machine Learning into your Windows Apps, knowing them is a start.

The Oculus Quest was one of the best selling hardware devices of 2021. The trend continues in 2022 with billions of dollars being invested towards pushing the limits of augmented/virtual reality tech.

"Web Components is a suite of different technologies allowing you to create reusable custom elements — with their functionality encapsulated away from the rest of your code — and utilize them in your web apps." -MDN Web Docs

Regardless of your role in the our industry it's likely that you have controlled, configured, updated, or deployed something on a machine. It could be a 36 node cluster, a home lab, or your personal laptop.

Software development patterns can sometimes feel like we are swimming in alphabet soup with little guidance to how the different ingredients fit together and avoid unnecessary complexity.

Last year, I started implementing an unusual programming language from scratch, in TypeScript, for fun. It turned out kind of... weird! But along the way were lessons about why popular languages are designed the way that they are, and what we could do to design better ones.

Accessibility can often be thought of as a last-minute legal requirement that development teams have to scramble to meet. Let's talk about how to how to get teams on board with accessibility driven by UX instead of legalities.

While Azure Percept brings AI at the edge, various containers can process telemetry streams and implement business logic directly to IoT Edge devices. Attend this presentation to learn more about creating and deploying Azure Functions and Azure Stream Analytics in container that filters data from an Azure Percept Device.

What is a language spec? What is a runtime? What do languages like C#, Ruby, Swift, Objective-C, and Rust have in common? How are they developed to work across the diverse hardware of 2020? What exactly is a programming language?

Have you ever been watching someone on YouTube coding in C# and been like ... you can do that?! This session takes developers working day to day in C# and levels up their skills so they are truly ready for "end game content" of epicly hard problems.

In this session I will walk you through setting up a basic CI/CD release flow to Azure for an ASP.NET Core MVC site using Azure DevOps.

Does your entire web site require HTTPS? If it doesn't now, it better soon! Chrome now labels all HTTP pages as "not secure". Most browsers also require HTTPS to use new features like HTTP/2, service workers, and progressive web apps.

Growing tired of re-creating the tedious CRUD and results to object mapping logic for each database entity? Does your modern application require integration with an existing robust databases? Do you work with a DBA team that mandates use of stored procedures for abstraction & performance tuning? Need to write a utility or service to process large amounts of records as quickly as possible? Then the leading micro-ORM, Dapper, might be the data access & object-mapping solution for you.

This talk covers building a simple toy implant in Rust. The goal of this implant is to allow an attacker to persist on a system post-exploitation and give them access needed to move laterally.

Over time, software rots. If we’re not diligent, our beautiful code can degrade into a worthless mess. Keeping our code in working condition is no different than changing the oil in our car – it’s preventive maintenance.

AWS has been building out a large suite of libraries and tools to help .NET developers build and deploy .NET applications on AWS. This includes adding AWS services like Amazon S3 and Amazon DynamoDB to your applications as well as building modern serverless .

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