Event Driven Microservices with Dapr

The promise of microservices is to enable teams to build large, complex systems with services that can be deployed as independent units. However, there are several common pitfalls that can introduce coupling among services. Among these are: failing to scope services at the appropriate level of granularity, sharing a database among services, and point-to-point communication between services.

In this workshop Tony will discuss how using Dapr (Distributed Application Runtime @ https://dapr.io) with an event bus abstraction can address some of these issues, enabling you to build loosely coupled microservices that can be independently developed, deployed and scaled.

Note that this is an in-person event. Pizza will arrive at 6:00 and the presentation will start at 6:30. Please RSVP so Improving knows how much pizza to purchase for us.

Slides and code from Tony for the presentation

Speaker: Anthony Sneed
Date: Oct 5th, 2022
Time: 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM (see here for more detail)
Location: Improving - Plano, TX
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Speaker Bio

Anthony Sneed works as Chief Technology Architect for Hilti, a construction tools and services company headquartered in Lichtenstein. He has been coding in C# since v1 (circa 2002) and has authored several open-source frameworks which include 60 NuGet packages with over 2 million downloads. His technical blog (https://blog.tonysneed.com) has had almost 1.5 million visits. He has trained over 2000 developers in .NET and related technologies and authored courses for both DevelopMentor and Wintellect. He is a die-hard Star Wars fan and lives with his wife and three children in McKinney, Texas.