Building Malware in Rust

This talk covers building a simple toy implant in Rust. The goal of this implant is to allow an attacker to persist on a system post-exploitation and give them access needed to move laterally.

I’ll start out with a look at the design and architecture of sophisticated real world implant and cover some of the unique design and implementation concerns.

Next I’ll give a quick introduction to Rust. I’ll cover at a high level the features of the language and the ecosystem. Rust brings a lot to the table but also has plenty of downsides. I’ll try to be honest about where it shines and where it is weak.

Finally I’ll go through the actual implementation of my toy implant, how it works and the feature roadmap for the future.

Speaker:   Stuart Small
Date:   December 2nd, 2020
Time:   6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Location:   Zoom (Password: 070390)

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Speaker Bio

Stuart Small (@thestusmall) is a paranoid nerd and recovering embedded systems engineer. He loves to focus on reliable, safe, secure software. While the director of engineering at ThreatX, he worked with almost exclusive rust code base and came out it with a deep love of the language and community. He has since moved on to head up the implementation of attack automation at continuous red teaming company, Randori.