Efficient data access and Effective object mapping with Dapper and .NET 5

Growing tired of re-creating the tedious CRUD and results to object mapping logic for each database entity? Does your modern application require integration with an existing robust databases? Do you work with a DBA team that mandates use of stored procedures for abstraction & performance tuning? Need to write a utility or service to process large amounts of records as quickly as possible? Then the leading micro-ORM, Dapper, might be the data access & object-mapping solution for you.

I was inspired to create this talk after migrating to Dapper reduced windows service processing times from hours to seconds. My goals for this session are to

  • Introduce Dapper as an effective and efficient data access & object mapping solution
  • Articulate best fit scenarios,
  • Provide you with code examples and resources to empower you to explore use of Dapper in the future

In this session, we will introduce Dapper as an effective and efficient way to access your SQL data, in the context of ORMs vs micro-ORMs. After reviewing which usage scenarios allow Dapper to shine, we will perform deep-dive with code examples into common usage scenarios and advanced topics (transactions, sharing database connections with multiple commands, multiple result set mapping, and more).

Speaker:   Scott Dockendorf
Date:   February 10th, 2021
Time:   6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Location:   Zoom

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Speaker Bio

Scott Dockendorf is the CTO of Remote Operations, a healthcare technology company that streamlines management of patient records for heathcare facilities & medical practices. He has over 25 years professional experience in software delivery and is a 4-time C# MVP recipient and current ASPInsider. He is active in the community, through speaking and volunteering as Program Director of the Dallas .NET User Group. This Owner of the Green Bay Packers, drummer and music fanatic is also passionate about secure coding, SOLID design and continuous learning.

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