Windows Key and Windows Machine Learning

There are useful shortcuts using Windows Key, knowing them is a start. As a developer, there are benefits of integrating Machine Learning into your Windows Apps, knowing them is a start.

In this session we will look into how Windows Machine Learning can transform applications by adding the power of artificial intelligence and running it on devices taking full advantage of hardware acceleration. We will walk thru and learn how to train an image classification model with ML.NET Model Builder and inference with Windows Machine Learning.

NOTE: This is an in-person event and Improving is providing pizza. Pizza starts at 6:00. Ron will start at 6:30!

Speaker: Ron Dagdag
Date: May 4th, 2022
Time: 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM (see here for more detail)
Location: Improving - Plano, TX
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Speaker Bio

During the day, Ron Dagdag is a software craftsman with 20+ years of experience working on a number of business applications using a diverse set of frameworks and languages. He currently support developers at Spacee with their IoT, Cloud and ML development. On the side, Ron Dagdag is active participant in the community as a Microsoft MVP, speaker, maker and blogger. He is passionate about Augmented Intelligence, studying the convergence of Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.