Features like async/await have often taken the spotlight away from other features in C# that are a lot more important for developer efficiency and productivity. This talk will be diving into some of the lesser-known features in C#, a language developed by Microsoft as part of its .

Microsoft has created a new base library for ASP.NET which powers all of ASP.NET MVC, but sometimes it is useful to take a step back and understand just the fundamentals. So in this talk we will review creating a basic web server with just ASP.

React is a JavaScript library for building modern user interfaces. It's often used in a node-based stack, but needn't be. You can build your next feature in React in your existing ASP.NET MVC application seamlessly.

These days, the SPA framework space is crowded. Aurelia stands out from its contemporaries in a few important ways. Creating components using vanilla Javascript classes, leveraging convention to minimize development overhead, and future-proofing for upcoming technologies like Web Components are just a few of the advantages Aurelia offers.

As developers and architects, we talk about “scalable solutions”, but often fail to prove how well our solutions scale. Here, we will build a Web API on Microsoft Azure, and demonstrate how to implement more scalable applications, using async/await, distributed caching, and Azure auto-scaling.

.NET Core 1.0 and ASP.NET Core 1.0 were just released a few weeks ago! Pretty exciting times. In this meeting, we will discuss creating and running ASP.NET Core apps on both Mac and Windows, the basics of .NET Core, the .NET Core CLI, some basics of ASP.NET Core (controllers, views, etc.), and deploying ASP.NET Core apps to Azure and IIS.

Miss the Xamarin //build/ announcements? How about Xamarin Evolve 2016? Join Sean Sparkman as he takes you through what’s new with Xamarin. We’ll dive deep into each announcement with a demo for release items.

With all the talk about big data, Internet of things, and the value that can be derived from the analysis of all of that information, no one seems to talk about how we collect it. There are a number of traditional ways.

Is it a chore to get your code deployed? Are you manually deploying updates to production? Find out how automated deployment tools like Octopus Deploy can make your deployments repeatable, reliable, and less prone to human error.

You have been hearing all the buzz around micro services come and find out what all the hype is about. This session will provide an introduction to micro services with a focus on the Service Fabric platform from Microsoft.

According to some estimates, there will be 50 Billion connected devices by 2020. The release of Windows 10 core IoT has enabled the creation of the next generation of intelligent devices.

Web development was a different game back in the early 2000s. Early versions of ASP.NET were aimed at Microsoft's existing customer base, and even tried to hide the nature of the web from developers who weren't ready for it. The platform has evolved steadily since the .

Windows 10 Core supports development of apps, using XAML and C#, on the Raspberry Pi 2. In this session we will walk through everything necessary to build a BBQ temperature monitor using Windows 10 and a Raspberry Pi 2.

The world operates in functions. Everyday we perform numerous small tasks that lead to some kind of output. That output is then used as an input to another task to produce a different output.

For the decade since it was released, MSBuild has been the standard way to build .NET applications, due in large part to its use in Visual Studio. But while it is a reliable and even extensible tool, configuring anything more than trivial tasks in XML is often a challenging experience.

“IT by itself provides no value”. That’s a pretty bold statement and yet that’s where the winds of business are blowing. As a developer or IT professional you spend time understanding new languages and frameworks, but to deepen and broaden your impact, I recommend taking strides in understanding the business.

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