Execute Order 66 - Mixed Reality for .NET Developers

Powerful Augmented, Mixed and Virtual reality devices like HoloLens make science fiction movie technology become reality for consumers.

This session will talk about Microsoft Mixed Reality platform and the challenges that AR and VR pose and why 3D is an essential part of this experience. Practical Scenarios for Holographic applications and demos to show how every developer can develop outstanding HoloLens solutions with Unity and be part of this computing revolution.

This session helps understand setup needed for Unity environment, skills needed to create compelling HoloLens applications and best practices to move forward quickly. Starting with a simple “Mixed Reality Hello World” demo, we use this to understand all of the pieces required to start developing for Hololens.

Speaker: Ron Dagdag
Date: August 2nd, 2017
Time: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (see here for more detail)
Location: MedAssets - Plano, TX
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Speaker Bio

Ron Dagdag often jumps between augmented and virtual worlds, but always find ways to come back to this reality. He enjoys building creative projects and is passionate to learn about convergence of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality with Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things.

Ron is a Microsoft MVP and a software engineer with over 15 years' of industry experience. He currently builds software at thyssenkrupp Elevator. He is a Hackster Ambassador and Littlebits chapter leader organizing workshop events in Dallas.